Team Development

Almost everyone works in teams, small or large. Sometimes the team is only two people, sometimes up to ten. It may also be that a large number of smaller teams, together create a gigantic team – for example, in a worldwide group of companies.
Regardless of size, industry, goals or conditions, you must work actively and continuously for the team to function optimally. It’s about communication, understanding yourself and each other, setting collective goals without losing individual development, etc.

ElisEss helps your team based on your current situation and with a view to the goals that the company or organization expects of you to achieve. This can be done in a variety of ways:

  1. Basic knowledge and inspiration lecture. Physical or via the web.
  2. Workshop where knowledge can land in the participants through concrete exercises that have a relevance in your activities.
  3. Long-term cooperation where we regularly conduct lectures, workshops and training that follow the team’s development and needs.

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