Crises – Frightened or prepared?

Human nature generally seeks to avoid crises and uncomfortable situations. This is natural, and essentially something positive. The problem is that we also all too easily shut our eyes to potential future crises, rather than preventing them and creating procedures to safeguard our long-term security Many companies all over the world have experienced the problem of not having prepared sufficiently for a crisis when Covid-19 paralysed both people and business.
The next crisis may entail the internet going down for a week. How would you handle that? How would you deal with a terrorist attack creating general fear and a sense of insecurity in your team?

My focus is ensuring that people at a company are prepared to handle a crisis by giving them the ability, knowledge, and preparedness to handle the practical parts.

I have worked with strategic and practical crisis management, as well as communication, in both Sweden and Portugal.


  • Analysis of present situation and needs through interviews.
  • Development of procedures and working methods for crisis management.
  • Crisis-management training for management and employees.
  • Communication – internal, external, media

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