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Regardless of whether your company has employees with the title of ‘salesperson’, one of the keys to successful and business-generating day-to-day contact with clients is for all those who handle such communication to adopt a sales-focused approach. This has to be a natural part of the corporate culture that permeates all levels of the organisation. The purpose is for everyone to feel involved in the business of the company and pay attention to all of the needs, client interest, and business opportunities when they are expressed.

What is the benefit?

For companies that offer products and services, my purpose is to draw attention to and create business benefits in all levels of the company. Regardless of one’s position at the company, one should be able to listen to the client, pay attention to all of their needs and interests, and ensure that the client is able to communicate with the right person at the company.

At its core, it is about showing interest in the client in all situations, regardless of whether you are dealing with an invoice issue, maintaining a technical development dialogue, or meeting with someone in the management team. The result is increased revenue, smarter business development, and increased client satisfaction.

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It is important to facilitate communication in your everyday life. Have you ever ended up in a situation where you and your children do not agree on the solution to a situation? Or perhaps you and your partner have struggled to agree on what you will do on your vacation? Most of us have experienced situations like these.

Understanding sales-focused communication is not about convincing someone that you are right, but knowing how to listen and communicate so that they understand the advantages of your suggestion and feel that it is a good idea. If you are part of a network, association, or other group that you believe would benefit from possessing this knowledge, you are most welcome to contact me.

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