I help you to develop a true sense of engagement among your co-workers and improve their ability to communicate and deliver quality results.

Hire me as an inspirational speaker, team-developing workshop leader, and educator. For knowledge, horizon-broadening insights, and inspiration. For 10 people or 1000 people. I adapt. For smaller groups, it is possible to combine a lecture with a workshop that helps the participants to integrate the message into their everyday lives.

Examples of topics that I give lectures on:

Engagerande ledarskap – Employer Branding

Employer Branding handlar om många olika saker. Idag är en hög lön inte en garanti för att man får rätt personal eller personal som verkligen bidrar till verksamhetens framgång. Det är lika mycket en fråga om att få alla att må bra, att få den interna kommunikationen att fungera, och att vara en attraktiv arbetsgivare genom en trygg och inspirerande företagskultur för att kunna attrahera kompetent arbetskraft.
Jobbar den bästa personalen hos dig eller hos din konkurrent?

Den här föreläsningen fokuserar mycket på hur man skapar engagemang. Att ”ge order” fungerar dåligt om man vill att personalen skall engagera sig, man måste få dom att vilja engagera sig. Men hur skapar man egentligen engagemang och en vilja att göra ett bra jobb?

Sale Communication – in all parts of the company

I address companies, organisations, and occupational groups who are not primarily salespeople but want to master sales-focused communication in their day-to-day roles and learn how to communicate what they want to achieve in various situations.

My mission is to play down the word ‘sales’ and make everyone understand the benefits of being able to communicate in a sales-focused manner in both their private and professional lives. In connection with this, it is a natural step for us to touch on the topics of working environment, organisation, and leadership. These areas are often connected, and my strength is that I can see how these connections are formed and suggest measures that will strengthen the entire chain.

Business Development, Communication, and Working Environment. How do these relate to one another?

Companies today are often divided into departments with their own areas of responsibility. HR works with the working environment. The general sales manager handles business development, and somewhere between these two all forms of communication are expected to work. I provide advice on how to work with these issues comprehensively, without the need for large changes to the structure of the organisation. For management groups, boards, and executives.


Grundläggande utbildning i projektledning. Oavsett om er personal bedriver stora projekt eller bara mindre interna projekt så är en grundkunskap i ledning och arbetsmodeller viktiga redskap för en effektiv vardag.

Crisis preparedness and management

Human nature generally seeks to avoid crises and uncomfortable situations. This is natural, and essentially something positive. The problem is that we also all too easily shut our eyes to potential future crises, rather than preventing them and creating procedures to safeguard our long-term security. Many companies all over the world have experienced the problem of not having prepared sufficiently for a crisis when Covid-19 paralysed both people and business.
The next crisis may entail the internet going down for a week. How would you handle that? How would you deal with a terrorist attack creating general fear and a sense of insecurity in your team?

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