A delightful day of team development with Elise. We had such a fun time, but also many serious and deep conversations as a group. The work done during the day left a strong impression on the group. We will use all that we learned with us in our everyday work.

Anna Bergengren, office manager Almi West Borås

Elise helped us at Argonova to improve our operations, both internally and externally; we now have greater profitability and happier and more satisfied employees and clients. Her experience with regard to business development has been of great value to us.

Joakim Bremholt, VD Argonova

Elise has an amazing ability to catch listeners’ attention and, through her voice and commitment, bring out the best in her audience. They quickly become involved in and engaged with the content of the lectures. The result for us was that in a short time goals that had been set in advance were achieved, and could then be developed through short conversation exercises and focused workshops. The group feels that they have been given new and inspiring tools with which to develop their organisation.

Curt-Ove Jacobsson, Rikskårchef Frivilliga Automobilkåren FAK (Commander of the Swedish Volunteer Automobile Corps)

Elise has given us excellent tools for continuing to develop our companies during our joint training day on the topic of business development. It is one thing to think about your business plan, but entirely different to actually develop an action plan and get things done. Thanks!

Tina H Svensson, Hjorth Svensson Communication & Design

Elise is incredibly skilled at what she does: she puts the finishing touches on courses and her broad competence means that what she teaches is proven when it is put into practice. She enthuses students and throws herself into everything she does with complete conviction. Elise excels in helping you kickstart your work life.

Frida Gideskog, Adult student Hermods HR and management

Elise is a calm, pedagogical, and natural speaker on stage. Professional and well prepared, she holds the attention of everyone in the room and communicates in a very modern way.

Mikael Fredriksson, Utbildningsansvarig Yrkeshögskolan Borås

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