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The greatest driving force in my work is development – of businesses, people, and organizations. Healthy companies, quite simply! Regardless of whether you want your development to take place at a large conference in Portugal or at a team meeting online in Sweden, I contribute with lasting value and a wealth of experience to your investment in your business.

Business Development, Communication, Working Environment – a recipe for success.

I help companies to see these three areas as components of a whole, as this allows one to truly achieve organisational development. I do this as a supporting consultant, lecturer, and workshop leader.

Most often, my clients are companies who have grown quickly or intend to grow. They need knowledge, tools, and inspiration in order to be able to handle changes that affect management, other staff, and their business. Under such circumstances, understanding the role of communication is crucial.

Businesses who already are ‘where they want to be’ need to work actively with these questions in order to avoid heading down the wrong roads.

Employer branding – How does one both attract the most competent employees and ensure that they are motivated to stay?

I always start by first interviewing my clients to analyse their organisation and get an idea of what exactly ‘chafes’, and then assist in putting measures into effect.

My logotype

The symbol that I chose for my company is a trefoil, the three circles of which represent the core ideas of Business Development, Communication, and Working Environment. In my logo these are interlinked, showing that all three must be considered for a business to be a success.

Either “success” means more money or simply a smoother everyday life, I leave up to you. I give you the tools, which you are free to use in any way that benefits you.


A brief introduction of myself

I have an extensive background in leadership, development, the working environment, sales, marketing, and communication. I have worked as both an executive and an office cleaner, and can relate to different positions within an organisation. For many years, I have taught everything from sales to leadership and administrative quality assurance. As I have worked in both the private and public sectors I have a broad perspective on all of the challenges of business.

In the last few years I have also worked with crises prevention and handling, in both Sweden and Portugal. My greatest focus, however, has been developing procedures and knowledge that enable the human factor to be effectively handled during a crisis – communication, employee responsibilities, and crisis management.

My work and my ethos

From time to time, I post short videos about myself, my work, and my ethos.